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and interested in the contents will surely have noticed that I gave the children explanations concerning differential measurements of data commonly called a DELTA, this is not a coincidence. It's no secret that the climate is changing and has changed in the last decade very quickly. More than 40 years ago, environmentalisms had already foreseen the damage that these changes would produce when they appeared (see note 1). There is a rise in temperatures during summer periods and these rises have repercussions on the temperatures of drinking water. It is not normal to have hot public drinking water sources without residual end-of-line disinfection. Please note that I am talking about big cities here. Some distribution points in villages do not need treatment or disinfection, largely exceeding the minimum consumption criteria for water.

For the ..QI .. now, no I have not done detailed studies on this subject, however as a simple citizen I am able to see if there is a smell of residual disinfection or not on the water I consume . It is the same for the temperature. Cold water is more pleasant to drink than hot water. Recently I was talking about the city of Gatineau on this subject, but it is not the only one. My fear is the warming of the temperature of the basements which are the cradle of groundwater which sometimes also feeds surface water.

For measurements of water heights (surface or underground) there are what are called .. piezometers ... These simple devices allow to follow the heights of water and in some cases help to make decisions on the management of these. Are there the same kinds of measurements for soil temperatures? and if so how deep do these measurements go? this is what immediately concerns me for the environment .. the warming of the basements .. and their environmental impacts.

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Pierre Michaud, PMI, July 23, 2021

Note-1: Article from ..Reader's Digest .. Badaq-Info

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Unless it is the other way around, a worry is not a certainty, but it sometimes happens a bit like pretty girls singing love to us that worries become truth. But how do you tell the difference? The obvious; the water that heats up on the rocks in an improvised bed or not like a river that keeps changing, or a bath in an isolated corner where only the heart will be master in water that is too hot for the environment and why not a little more, our children who will have to make this difference despite the obstacles, are and always will be essential in this small planet which raises concerns. In link how to do better .. Mr. Jean Gabin .. (Click here)

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Pierre Michaud, PMI, July 24, 2021.

Now it is possible that only the local conditions contribute to the temperatures too high for drinking water in some places however I do not believe. Certain species of fish such as trout, for example, need oxygenated water and a cold temperature to be healthy. Could the multiplication of this species have other causes than excessive fishing? It goes without saying that the answer is yes. I didn't start worrying about this yesterday, and I even wondered how some fish can survive in water hot enough to take a bath. My aim in writing this text is not to cite all the possible causes of this warming in one hand, simply to cry out for this factor which is critical for the proliferation of unwanted organisms, particularly in urban areas. The drinking water that we consume has an influence on the temperature of rivers, is this influence critical ? I don't know, or rather I should say I don't know to what extent. This is why I believe that we need to monitor the temperatures of the basements. The number of possible causes can be counted in the hundreds for surface water and a bit like this oasis in the desert, groundwater must be preserved, which is the last bulwark of development struggles.

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Pierre Michaud, PMI, this August 01, 2021.

A sequel that is not mine! (Click here)

This text comes from the internet. (BADAQ-INFO: )

It is impossible for me to verify all the statements contained in this text. However, some simple elements are within everyone's reach. An interesting content for those who are interested in the temperature of the water.

Note 1:
Be careful, chlorination is not the only existing means
for the disinfection of drinking water

Note 2: Pay attention between water treatment
by chlorine and chlorine residual from drinking water pipes
in relation to temperature.

Note 3: Rosita drank again. She wants to become a great soap!

Pierre Michaud, PMI, this August 09, 2021.

The following,
industries are often singled out with regard to climatic conditions, however each citizen is also responsible for his environment in the same way as these manufacturers. A little further, when I have a little more time, I will estimate the quantity of heat released by a citizen during a certain period. I believe you will be surprised at the amount of heat released into the environment and perhaps you will better understand my concern for the temperature of soils and underground water tables. Unfortunately Quebec has failed at all ministerial levels preferring to turn a blind eye to the kidnapping file of my children and try to shut me down by stealing my ideas and also by trying to keep me in poverty so that I cannot participate. to the real solutions of this sick Quebec. Be careful, those who think I'm changing the subject are wrong, there are several ways to keep your post in this government and one of them is to prevent competent people from climbing the hierarchy of decision-makers. These people no longer have to worry about this, however their lawyers will not save them from the harm they have done to me and my children. The link between my series of CDS (dirty corner) is now proven beyond any doubt.

The temperature of subsoils and groundwater are a concern that affects the future and the health of the children of this small planet. You have to avoid the obvious things like the lake freezes in winter so everything is fine or it's the sun's fault unless it's both! I do not know ! on the other hand, what I do know is that rivers and lakes are hot and that when our first solution consists of burying pipes in the earth, it would be desirable to know the impact of this solution before applying it. Small, simple experiments will be available on the blog in children when I have time on soil temperatures. See you soon while we wait for the rest.

to be continued,

Pierre Michaud, PMI, this August 12, 2021.

A text on water (more).

A reflection on a future project for children led me in spite of myself to ask myself a few questions. A simple water temperature measurement shouldn't be a problem! yet an important question arises, how to validate this measurement and make it safe and reliable for treatment (1). Everyone has the potential to take this step, but will it be valid and admissible in a security decision-making context? You guessed it, this question is for adults. Of course, the easiest solution is a transfer of responsibility, but this transfer involves validation of the protocol. This is not a trap, according to the author this question is as clear as tap water (I guess). Let's have fun while we wait. It reminds me of something, a few tears on the cheeks of this pretty girl who was looking for the right number (Click here).

Note (1). The word processing in this text is associated with decision making.

Pierre Michaud, PMI, this August 19, 2021.